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Daniceya Earl
A good microphone '

Julian Molina Jaramillo
Absolutely love these shirts! They're almost a basic v-neck tee, but the stripes on the sleeves give it a bit of a sporty flair that I love! Super soft material and really comfortable. I bought the shorts in pink and navy and have washed each probably a dozen times already and they've held up great and haven't faded at all. I'll definitely be buying more of these :)

Gladys Rochelle Pangangaan
Jersey looks great inside this frame. Cant beat the price on this especially when it is on sale. The only thing that was wrong with it was the jersey hanger was cracked. This is something that is not seen when the Jersey is hung and it did not affect the hanging of the jersey. The frame came very well packed and shipped rather quickly.

Habib Mahmoudi
Had some from other makers that were small. Looks like I guessed correctly on the sizing thus time. 6'5" 240 and it is not skin tight. Fits well for me. Wish the sizes were in US size and not European or Asian. It is what it is and worked our well.

Margaret Cronin
It was part of a gift package to my nephew, he loved it!

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